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Spring Diamond Wire for Concrete
Spring diamond wire for concrete is very competitive in the market. Its fixed by spring, with Sintered Diamond Wire Saw Bead or Brazed Diamond Wire Saw Beads, they are very popular in some countries.
12mm Reinforced Concrete Wire Saw
12mm reinforced concrete wire saw is a cutting and demolition device for thick concrete and irregular concrete. For example: reinforced concrete beams, column cuts, bridges, etc.
Rubber Diamond Wire for Concrete
Rubber diamond wire for concrete is widely used in the field of building construction, can be used for house, bridge, large pier, cement pipe and underwater building cutting.
11.5mm Diamond Wire for Concrete
11.5mm Diamond Wire for Concrete has strong cutting ability and high labor productivity. It is an advanced tool used in dismantling and dismantling construction projects.
Diamond Wire for Construction
Diamond Wire for construction, can be applied to the cutting houses, heavy highway construction, bridges, underwater concrete cutting, hydroelectric Dams, water treatment facilities, cement pipes and other building constructions.
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